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The Forge – Details

The Forge is a powerful yet intuitive sample library aimed at Film, TV and Games composers. It is designed to offer a flexible environment to customize every sound and making your own.


– Advanced User Interface
– Arpeggiator
– Polyphonic Sequencer
– Rhythmic Gater
– Unison / Voices Stack
– Resonant Delay
– Dual Engine Reverb
– Over 200 Kontakt patches
– Over 3GB of open WAV files
– MIDI Files
– Customize your own samples
User Manual (download)


– Drones
– Drums (Acoustic, Designed, Synthetic)
– Impacts
– Melodic, Rhythmic and Warped Loops
– Melodic Instruments
– Risers Downers
– Sweeps
– Synth Arp
– Synth Basic
– Synth Bass
– Synth Pads
– Synth Poly
– Tuned Percussions


– Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.1 or higher
– Approx 4GB of free disk space
– At least 4GB of RAM
– Internet connection for product download

The Forge definitely contains some very unique and atmospheric sounds, it gives you interesting options to add a nice twist to your music. It is clearly aimed at the more aggressive sounding hybrid orchestral music if you make that type of music I can recommend The Forge to you!
(Tim Besamusca – Film and Game Composers)

The Forge is a great product, rich in content with great user interface. If you are in search of a hybrid product than you might want to look at the Forge as it has most elements you will need in order to make some nice hybrid trailer music.
(Zdravko Djordjevic – The Audio Spotlight)

Purchase now at $189